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Single business, partnership, stock corporation or even Societas Europaea? Finding the right corporate form and structure is a crucial element for the success of a business. We support you through changing tax and legal environment and tax optimisation processes. Our long-term experience in the domestic and the international context and professional excellence help you to tax potentials and on this way, create a solid basis for profitable and efficient business activities.

Our interdisciplinary expert teams from LeitnerLeitner combine their tax and legal knowledge and experience. Our one-stop shop offers you an all-in-one package that is more than the sum of its parts. Our solutions are customised and comprehensive and can be implemented in an efficient manner. Our specialists benefit not only from their long-term experience, but also from university background and innovative approach in this area of advice.

Our services

  • Analysis of existing or target corporate structures
  • Customised reorganisation concepts (e.g. for business transfers or successions, pre- or post-acquisition, integration or spin-off of business units)
  • Optimisation of and second opinions on existing concepts
  • Obtaining binding rulings for reorganisations
  • Implementation of reorganisations (e.g. demergers, contributions, relocation of head office, mergers, division of property)
  • Preparation of tax and civil law documents (in cooperation withlaw firms ) (e.g. balance sheets, audit of residual assets, contributions in kind, auditor confirmations, contracts, company register notifications)
  • Reorganisation fees and transaction taxes (e.g. real estate transfer tax)
  • Reorganisation-related reporting (e.g. notification of the tax office)
  • Accounting of reorganisations and implementation in the accounting system
  • Enforcement of implemented structures in tax audits or before administration courts
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