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News > Toll manufacturing activities in the CEE/SEE region

Toll manufacturing activities in the CEE/SEE region



15.00 - 16.30 Uhr


Online, Cisco Webex Events

What the principal and the manufacturer shall consider from VAT and customs point of view
Many international companies from Central Europe use “extended workbenches” in the CEE/SEE region for outsourcing their manufacturing activities. In this context, the foreign principal typically sends raw-materials from other EU or non-EU countries to the target CEE/SEE country. Following the manufacturing process, finished goods shall be transported back to the principial or directly to his customers.
There are numerous reasons for this process, including well-trained skilled workers in the manufacturing countries, lower wages and special VAT, customs and special rules for foreign investments.
In our webinar, we will address complex VAT and customs regulations which should be considered in these cases. Local experts from our offices in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia will give you practical insights about the situation in their countries.
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina | Croatia
    Irena Perić, Tax Advisor, Manager
  • Czech Republic
    Martin Valášek, Tax Advisor, Partner
  • Hungary
    Judit Jancsa-Pék, Partner
  • Serbia
    Jelena Knežević, Auditor, Tax Advisor, Partner
  • Slovakia
    Martin Jakubec, Tax Advisor, Director
  • Slovenia
    Jerneja Štremfelj, Tax Advisor, Manager


  • Austria
    Peter Pichler, Tax Advisor, Partner


  • General VAT and customs law aspects
    • Transport of raw-materials and components to the manufacturing CEE/SEE-country
    • Re-transport of finished goods from the CEE/SEE region
  • Possible VAT registration and declaration obligations for the foreign principal
  • Correct issuance of invoices, pro-forma-invoices, customs declarations etc
  • Hints for optimization of the supply chain from a VAT and customs law perspective


Participation to this event is free of charge.


Please click on this link to register: https://bit.ly/3wbtbUe

Passwort: LL2909


The webinar is conducted using Cisco Webex Events and can be  easily started from your browser or via app on mobile devices.


The webinar will be held in English.